Autonomous system IGLA power
The autonomous IGLA power system is a backup power storage station for uninterrupted power supply of a home, office or business.
Fast charging
The battery capacity is filled in 3 hours at 220W.
Light at home 24 hours a day
A full charge of the station can be enough for a day with basic use. the duration of operation depends on the types of devices in the network.

In the construction of systems, ion-lithium accumulators are used. They have the largest number of charge-discharge cycles and are considered the most practical in the world.
How to charge?
3 hours are enough to charge the autonomous system to 100%. It can be charged from a generator, solar batteries and a regular electrical network.
  • 2 kW/h

    Price -
  • 4 kW/h

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  • 8 kW/h

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  • 10 kW/h

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